As of January of 2017, over 75% of Internet traffic comes from mobile devices. Because of this, it is as important as ever to have a website that loads fast and functions flawlessly on all screen types, particularly phones. We have been building mobile websites since 2009, and our extensive experience in the mobile web design space allows us to provide enterprise-level performance at small business prices.

Advantages of Using Mobile Web Design: With the increasing growth of mobile device users, it is important for your business to have a mobile web design. This will help your clients and prospective customers to browse faster and get information about your company. There are several reasons why you should adapt to this responsive web design which includes:

Better user experience: This mobile website is easy to use and friendly. It takes little time to load the full page, and one does not have to zoom in and out trying to view content as it comes

Increased sales: This is a significant benefit for the marketing industry. Marketers expect a lot of people to see their content, and with mobile web design, a lot of individuals are likely to visit their websites since many individuals use their mobiles devices each day.

Increased SEO rating: Google recommends responsive web design; hence it is better in terms of search engine ranking. If your business has this technology, your content will be seen more than those without due to the SEO advantage.

Make a point of going responsive and enjoy fully managed premium web hosting with mobile web design.